What’s causing my concrete slab to sink? Is it worth fixing?

When their concrete slab is starting to sink or crack, many homeowners start to worry and switch into crisis mode. In fact, it’s perfectly normal for concrete to crack overtime and isn’t always a red flag. But if concrete begins to both crack and sink, this is a red flag for homeowners. A sinking slab could indicate that a larger structural issue is at hand that should be addressed by a concrete professional.


Why do concrete slabs sink?

There are two main reasons that a concrete slab would sink. First has to do with the soil composition that is beneath the slab. Soil begins to compress overtime which can cause the concrete to shift and sink. In addition, soil erosion can also wash away soil underneath a concrete slab. This can occur from heavy rains or even be a result of frost damage.


The importance of site preparation

Concrete specialists understand the importance of site preparation before pouring concrete. Site preparation includes compacting the soil that will sit under the concrete slab and also deterring future soil deterioration from occurring. To prevent future soil deterioration, make sure that water runoff is not causing flooding to occur nearby the concrete site, which could potentially wash away the base soil.


Where does sunken concrete usually occur?

Sunken concrete is usually a common problem found around a house’s foundation or nearby a concrete driveway. If proper drainage is not introduced, it will negatively impact the soil’s integrity and cause soil erosion. Sometimes when the area around your foundation is excavated, it’s not backfilled properly, which can cause water to pool and damage your foundation.


Downspouts of houses are another common place where soil erosion occurs. Diverting water run off to areas away from concrete slabs will ensure the longevity of your concrete slab. Experts recommend that downspouts empty water five feet away from concrete foundations and driveways.


Is it worth fixing a concrete slab?

The first solution that homeowners think will solve their sunken concrete slab problem is demolishing the slab. Not only is this an excessive solution, but it also doesn’t completely fix the problem. Luckily, concrete experts can raise concrete slabs instead of completely demolishing the existing slab. A concrete expert will also examine the health and integrity of the soil underneath your concrete slab to ensure that this problem does not keep occurring.


In addition, cracks and joints within the concrete can be sealed to prevent more water from seeping into the concrete and causing the base layer to shift. This is another cost-effective solution for homeowners rather than replacing the entire concrete slab.


Pinpointing the source of your sinking slab is not an easy task. To correct the problem quickly and without overspending, a professional concrete leveling expert should be called to properly diagnose the problem. Our concrete professionals at Level Ground can help you with all your concrete raising, filling, leveling and patching needs.

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