What is Concrete Leveling?

Have you ever wondered how sunken or uneven concrete is fixed? The answer is simple: concrete leveling. The process may not be quite as simple, but it’s a process that can be completed in a few steps. From start to finish, the whole process can take a few hours, versus a few days, which is how long new concrete can take.


Concrete leveling is exactly what it sounds like; it’s the process of leveling concrete and returning uneven concrete back to its original level position. It is sometimes referred to as mud jacking, and it avoids the cost and time-consuming task of pouring new concrete. Rather than replacing the entire slab, a concrete slurry mixture is placed under the crack or uneven concrete to lift it back into place.


The concrete leveling process is completed in a few quick steps. First and foremost, experts should first determine why the concrete surface is uneven. This may involve addressing subsoil compaction to determine if it’s problematic. From there, holes are strategically drilled through the sunken/uneven concrete slab. A mixture (such as grout or an aggregate slurry) is injected using a hydraulic pump at 1 cubic foot per minute. The strategically drilled holes will create even pressure across the slab, and as the holes are filled, the slab of concrete will begin to rise. When the slab is leveled, holes are typically filled with non-shrinking grout and then they are sealed off. This process can be used on driveways, sidewalks, patios, pools, steps, interior slabs, and more. It’s a great process to pursue because it saves you a great deal of money and the hassle of tearing out and replacing your concrete.


While cracks in concrete are inevitable, especially if the concrete is uneven, an unlevel concrete slab is likely caused by a problem with the surface it was built on. With these problems left unrepaired, they can lead to a longer list of issues. Rainwater slipping through cracks can erode the soil or lead to hollow pockets below the concrete. These problems sacrifice the integrity of the entire structure.


With concrete leveling, not only will your driveway, sidewalks, or concrete slabs last longer, they will look better too. You can bid sunken concrete farewell with Level Ground!

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