The Dangers of Unrepaired Sidewalk Cracks

Step on a crack and break your mother’s back!

Chances are, you’ve heard this popular playground rhyme more than a few times, whether it was you yourself saying it on the playground or your children are saying it now. Of course, stepping on a sidewalk crack can’t break someone else’s back, but it can do some damage. And while breaking your back is pretty bad, that isn’t the only bad thing that can happen if you don’t fix the cracks in your sidewalk at your home or business.

If you notice your sidewalk is starting to crack, you need to pay attention; it’s a sign that you may have a major safety hazard on your hands. If it’s a well-worn path, the crack is only likely to get worse. It can also wear down in the weather, especially if the sidewalk is salted in the winter. Worsening conditions can make the sidewalk crack a tripping hazard. Overgrown vegetation may begin to take over as well, making an even uglier problem. The sidewalk may not be handicap accessible. Even worse, it may not be accessible to anyone at all.

A worsening crack can pose deterioration problems. If water enters the crack, it can begin to erode the soil underneath. This can sacrifice the integrity of the entire concrete slab. Many times, sidewalk cracks are due to a faulty foundation to begin with, which means the longer you fail to take care of it, the worse it can get. You wouldn’t want the sidewalk slab to completely collapse.

Cracks in the sidewalk can be fixed with filling, patching, or caulking, and sometimes pumping grout underneath is needed. In some cases, if let go too long, it will need to be lifted back up to match. Or, in a costlier situation, replaced. Take the necessary steps to get it fixed sooner rather than later to prevent unnecessary problems or injuries.

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