The Benefits of Air-Entraining Admixtures in Concrete

Concrete is meant to last, but it’s also disappointing if it doesn’t live up to the hype. Taking care of your concrete isn’t a high-maintenance process, but there are a few steps that need to be taken to prevent cracks and other imperfections from accruing over time. To increase the likelihood that your concrete slab will withstand the test of time consider using an air-entraining admixture during your next concrete project. Here’s the skinny on air-entraining admixtures and why they’re beneficial:

What is an Air-Entraining Admixture?

Air-entraining admixtures contain stable bubbles of air uniformly throughout the concrete mixture. These bubbles are usually smaller than 1 millimeter in diameter. Air-entraining admixture can become too airy which results in them weakening.

What are the Benefits of Air-Entraining Admixtures?

The biggest benefit of air-entraining admixtures is that they are resistant to freeze-thaw damage. Freeze-thaw damage is when your concrete slab absorbs too much water. At low temperatures, this water turns into ice. As the temperatures fluctuate and the ice then melts, which forces the concrete to expand and crack. Air-entrained admixtures help harden the concrete over time which makes it overall more durable and less susceptible to freeze-thaw damage.

Furthermore, air-entraining admixtures have numerous other benefits for individuals in cold climates. Air-entraining admixtures also reduce the likelihood of scaling, which occurrence when too many de-icing products are used on the surface, such as antifreeze.

Due to more air being present, air-entraining admixtures also improves the overall workability and level of fluidity of the concrete. This also reduces the likelihood of cracks and fissures to develop over time in the concrete slab.

Air-entraining admixtures help concrete take its claim of long-lasting to another level. Not only do air-entraining admixtures improve durability over time, but they also decrease the likelihood of freeze-thaw damage and other mishaps to develop over time.

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