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Concrete Slab Raising, Lifting, Jacking Companies in MN | Level Ground MN

Concrete Slab Raising

There are a slew of reasons your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or slab may be sunken and in need of concrete raising. If you start to notice cracks in your cement slab or sinking concrete slabs, it’s likely caused by poor site preparation. Without proper compaction of the soil, concrete slabs can sink and crack. Suitable materials should be used for the fill. Frost and other soil damage can also cause issues with cement slabs.

Fortunately, the specialists at Level Ground are experts in the field and we’ve seen it all. We’re here to fix the problem and ease your mind. Whether it’s just a crack in your concrete sidewalk that is getting worse by the day, or a garage floor that is beginning to sink after several bad floods, we’ll rely on tried and true methods to take your concrete slabs from sunken to risen. Completely replacing your concrete flooring isn’t necessary. With Level Ground’s efficient methods, we can fix most sunken concrete slab problems in just a day.

Raising Services Include:

  • Concrete Raising
  • Raise and Support Sidewalk Slab
  • Raise and Support Cracked Sidewalk Slab
  • Raise and Support Driveway Slab
  • Raise and Support Cracked Driveway Slab
  • Raise and Support Garage Floors
  • Raise and Support Steps
  • Raise and Support Cement Pads
  • Raise and Support Cracked Cement Pads