How to prevent your concrete from scaling

Concrete floors and driveways are meant to last years of wear and tear. But if they are not cared for properly, they can sometimes become cracked, patchy and uneven. One of these terrible conditions is called scaling. Read on to find out what scaling is and how to prevent your concrete from scaling.

What is scaling?

Scaling happens when your concrete has been exposed to freezing and thawing. If the concrete is improperly sealed, scaling can occur. Scaling is when the top layer of concrete begins to flake or peel.

How to prevent scaling?

There are numerous other factors that can cause scaling, but the first way to prevent scaling from occurring is consulting with a concrete professional before starting any project. A concrete professional will be able to tell you what concrete mixture will best fit your needs. Concrete with too little entrained air or too much cannot adequately prevent freeze and thawing damage.

Excessive amounts of calcium or sodium chloride deicing salts can impact the concrete’s overall integrity. These chemicals penetrate the concrete’s surface and can cause scaling to occur. Other chemicals that can cause this are fertilizers. Instead of using deicing salts in the winter, use clean sand to help your vehicle gain traction. After your concrete slab has set for a year, you can then apply deicing salts. Again, use in moderation and try to clean off the excess salts by hosing it off with water if weather conditions permit.

Finally, if your concrete slab is not cured properly, it can be at risk of scaling. Curing concrete provides it was a tough top layer that is essentially impenetrable if done correctly. The best way to ensure that your concrete has properly cured is by getting the assistance of a concrete professional.

What can I do if my concrete is scaling?

If your concrete is scaling, call the experts at Level Ground today. Depending on the extent of the damage, our professionals might be able to easily resurface your concrete surface properly to make sure that it will last longer. Our concrete professionals will walk you through the process and help you care for your concrete surfaces for years to come. Contact us today to start fixing your concrete surfaces and make them last longer.


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