How Do I Fix My Sunken and Cracked Driveway?

If your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or slab is starting to sink, you are probably understandably frustrated. Similarly, when you start to see cracks in your concrete, you probably start shaking your head and grumbling in anger. How can you fix the issues without spending a fortune by replacing the whole thing? The answer is simpler than you may think. Completely replacing your concrete slab or flooring isn’t necessary.


Typically, sinking concrete and cracks are caused by poor site preparation. Most likely, the soil wasn’t properly compacted. Stabilizing weak soil will help keep your concrete slab from sinking and cracking. Experts will address this issue before they move forward with fixing it.


When you notice sunken or cracked concrete, it’s important to take the steps toward getting it fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid any problems or injuries. If water enters the cracks, it can begin to erode the soil underneath. This can sacrifice the integrity of the concrete slab.


Concrete raising and leveling will take care of your problem. This is the quick process of strategically drilling holes in the sunken concrete, then pumping grout (under high pressure) through the drilled holes. The grout is a form of non-shrinking cement. It’s injected using a hydraulic pump. This method quickly and effectively lifts the concrete. Problem solved!


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