Concrete Padding for your Summer Project

Summer is the perfect time to complete all your fun outdoor projects. You might run into a rainstorm or two and some sweltering temperatures, but you won’t have to worry about snow or frigid, dangerous temperatures. And the bonus? Once you complete your project, you’re in the midst of the perfect season to enjoy it.


A concrete pad, or slab, is a structural element that. Made of concrete, it’s a flat, horizontal surface. They can be used to construct floors and ceilings, but thinner slabs can be used for exterior paving projects. A concrete pad will act as the perfect landing, whether your exterior project consists of putting in stairs, a new doorway, or an outdoor gazebo. Concrete is durable and resilient, which makes it the perfect surface. It can withstand high amounts of pressure. And while you probably won’t have a forklift or car on your patio or gazebo, you may have a lot of people on it during a party. With a concrete pad as your foundation, you won’t have to worry about stability. Concrete is difficult to damage, and when it’s maintained properly, it lasts indefinitely.


Building a concrete pad starts by measuring the area. You’ll have to follow codes that specify how large the pad needs to be in relation to the stairs, gazebo, or other project you’re working on. Next, you’ll need to build a wood frame in the correct size and dig a hole the same size. Place stakes in each corner (which will stay here until you add the frame) and fill the hole with gravel and pack it down. Once you set the wooden frame in place, mix up the concrete and pour it on top of the gravel. You’ll need to screed the concrete to smooth it out before you can smooth it over with a float and use a stiff broom to make a non-slip surface. The last step consists of going over the edges with a concrete edger and curing and sealing the pad. Once fully cured, the frame can be removed.


Does this sound like a tricky process to you? Level Ground can build a concrete pad to serve as the landing for your next big project, whatever it may be. Give us a call at 320-241-2720.

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